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    Meals for Seals at Selinsgrove football game

    SELINSGROVE – No hungry Seals.  That is the goal of Meals for Seals, and you can learn all about them Friday at the Selinsgrove football game.  Community Mobilizer for Snyder County Coalition for Kids Kelly Feiler says the program, which sends food home with elementary school students on the weekends, will be on display, “We are going to have a stand at the football game when you first walk in so people can see about the program, see what the bags contain and learn how to contribute.” Feiler says they will also be taking donations to help with the program, “It is the roundup of Red Ribbon Week, so the elementary school has agreed to…

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    Breast health center takes team approach

    LEWISBURG — “Team,” “group” and “family” are words you hear often when asking staff of the Thyra M. Humphreys Center to describe their approach at treating breast cancer. Andrea Bertram is director of the breast health center at Evangelical Community Hospital. She says while they’ve made many advances in technology, they pride themselves on care beyond medicine.   “Every newly diagnosed case of breast cancer is presented weekly to a team of pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, oncologists, nursing staff, primary care.” Bertram said. “Basically anybody who is going to see or be with that patient looks at their pathology, looks at their imaging, hears from the surgeon, and has a chance to participate and share ideas.”…

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    Grant money for two Nor. County projects

    HARRISBURG – Two Northumberland County projects will benefit from Marcellus Shale impact fees assessed on natural gas drillers.  Grants provided through the Keystone Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program were awarded to Coal Township and to the Northumberland County Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.   Coal Township will receive $188,000 for development of a new recreation center as an alternative to the township’s existing basketball facility.  It will be adjacent to the township playground, which has already received $100,000 in funds from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  The new recreation center will be accessible to the disabled, unlike the current facility.   The Outdoor Adventure Area will receive $150,000 for construction of an observation deck…

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    Lewisburg SB’s Swope to be PSBA president

     HARRISBURG – The president of a local school board will soon be president of the state school boards association. Members of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association elected new officers for 2015 and a Lewisburg School Board member is now their president.   Kathy Swope, president of the Lewisburg Area School Board, was selected as president-elect for the PSBA. She was already a representative of the PSBA, but this is her first term as president-elect. Swope has served as president of the Lewisburg Area School Board since 1997. (Ali Stevens)

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    More blighted properties sold in Sunbury

    SUNBURY— The City of Sunbury auctioned off more vacant properties Tuesday evening. On the list were 434 Reagan Street and 608 South Front Street. The scheduled auction of properties at 414-416 North Second Street and 144 South Street were delayed. Mayor David Persing says, “It’s an impact on the neighborhood, it’s going to be a positive impact on the neighborhood. For all of these properties that we sale or take care of impacts that neighborhood. It’s amazing how the neighbors all of sudden decide maybe I better fix up my place a little bit so one thing leads to another.” Persing said successful bidders must submit a redevelopment plan, “Every property does go to a…

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VIDEO HERE: Restoring records in Northumberland County

SUNBURY – History fills the basement of the Northumberland County Courthouse in Sunbury.  It is where documents, dating back to the 1700’s are stored. Mary Zimmerman, Register and Recorder in Northumberland County says, “Everything that has ever been recorded in the county, in this office, is down there.  Deeds, mortgages, orphan’s court, marriages licenses, all documents recorded in this office have to be kept for historical and legal purposes.  We have marriage records from the 1800’s and orphans court records from the 1700’s.” Prothonotary Justin Dunkelberger adds, “We have lien dockets and appearance dockets from the 1880’s and 1890’s.  Four vaults contain all of these documents.” Even now, the vaults look more organized than they…


VIDEO HERE: After 52 years, Tedd’s Landing is closing

SHAMOKIN DAM – It is a familiar fixture at the intersection of Routes 11/15 in Shamokin Dam, but November 1, Tedd’s Landing will close. Owner Denise Skotedis says, “My in-laws, Tedd and Janet Skotedis, moved the family from New York in the early 1960’s.   In 1962, they purchased what had been the Blue Hill restaurant, and turned it into Tedd’s Landing.  So, it will be 52 years in October.” Skotedis says the decision, made between herself, her son Alexander Skotedis and her niece Jessica Reed was not an easy one, “It took a lot of thought.  The downturn in the economy hasn’t helped as far as fine dining.  People’s lifestyles are different, people are on…


VIDEO HERE: Sandusky probe has ‘heroes’

Watch raw video of a portion of McGettigan and Fina’s talk in Danville: DANVILLE — Who are the people that helped unravel the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse cover up? While Sandusky prosecutors Frank Fina and Joseph McGettigan were in the public eye during the trial, they say there are several other people who were instrumental behind the scenes. McGettigan says former Penn State football coach Mike McQueary was one of those people. “When he was first contacted, he was forthright, honest, straight-forward and candid about everything. What made him look good, what made him look bad, what made him look indifferent; he told exactly what he did. He never in my experience wavered from…