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  • Tree Fest Selinsgrove

    Tree Fest of Children’s Books starts next week

      SELINSGROVE— Making reading fun and festive during the holiday season, that’s the message of the annual Tree Fest of Children’s Books at the Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library in Selinsgrove. The popular event is back starting next Tuesday with an opening reception at 6 p.m. The event runs until December 18 during the regularly scheduled library hours. Secretary of Friends of the Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library Liz Heim sets the scene, “When you walk into the library, you look in any direction and you will see trees. They are all beautifully and creatively decorated. Each tree has been chosen by a decorator and they have chosen the book they want to decorate to. We have…

  • needyfamily-WKOK

    Single mom just wants her two kids to be happy

    MILTON — The ups and downs in her life could have left Sara, a 23-year-old single mother of two young children, cynical and depressed, but instead, she said, “I think in the end, all of what’s happened to me has made me stronger.” That sounds like a cliché, but when her significant other lost her job and moved out of town, Sara was left alone to support their kids with a minimum-wage convenience-store job. “I love where I work and they treat me well, but the pay can’t support all of us, and even with assistance from the state, it’s impossible to make ends meet,” she said, pausing. “It’s nearing the holidays. I don’t want…

  • threads of love

    Shopping with a purpose in downtown Lewisburg

    LEWISBURG – A business in downtown Lewisburg is helping shoppers give back with every purchase. Kaitlin Schuck is the owner of Threading Love, a store that sells products with a story, “We partner with different brands that somehow give back to others, so then everything in here has a story behind it. Most of the brands we work with actually emphasize empowering women and so a lot of the time, women can’t get jobs in third world countries and they’re the ones that are raising the families.” Supporting these women allows them to feed, educate and care for their children without relying on a handout. Schuck teamed up with Agape International Missions to create her…

  • crash, accident, car

    Route 15 open after 6-hour blockage Thursday

      LEWISBURG – It took about six hours to clean up a toxic spill on Route 15 near Lewisburg Thursday. State police say the 7:15am accident happened on Route 15 south at the intersection with Hafer Road. A trucker from York was driving south and ran his rig into stopped traffic. Route 15 south was blocked for six hours. After the impact, a small amount of a corrosive liquid leaked from a damaged container. Northridge Group did the clean-up at the intersection and state police say the road was reopened by about 1pm. Troopers say one person had minor injuries in the accident. The trucker from York was cited by state police for a traffic…

  • school, lewisburg

    Lewisburg school board test: Who can’t serve?

      LEWISBURG – You won’t find this question on the Lewisburg teenager’s SAT tests: Voters recently elected several Lewisburg school board members. Who among them, are unwilling or unable to serve:  Fred Scheller  Erin Jablonski  Michael Payne All of the above.    Answer…# 4…Despite electing a full slate of board members, the Lewisburg Area school board still has vacancies. After municipal elections, the school board finds itself with three open seats. The openings are a result of two people declining seats they won in the election. Michael Payne, who missed the deadline to remove his name from the ballot indicated he would decline if elected. Fred Scheller resigned from the board October 30 and has…

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VIDEO: Taxpayers on the hook for Hare’s experts

SUNBURY – Northumberland County will be paying thousands of dollars for experts to examine evidence against Victor Hare. In court Monday, Hare’s attorney, public defender Kate Lincoln, was granted $5,000 to hire a forensics expert and pathologist. Hare is scheduled to stand trial in the death of 9-year-old Korbin Rager who died of an overdose of oxycontin. Lincoln wants the pathologist to examine autopsy results and a lab technician to review DNA results. Prosecutors say the motions have been pending since May. Hare’s trial is scheduled for January. (Jennifer Wakeman)


VIDEO: Fire destroys Jackson Twp home

WINFIELD – Fire destroyed a home in Jackson Township, Snyder County Monday morning.  Multiple crews responded to the two-alarm blaze that began shortly before 10a.m. The home on Stein Lane is owned by Dan and Sonya Erdley. Kratzerville Fire Department Chief Chuck Steininger says the fire was discovered by a workman, “There was a gentleman that was here to do some remodeling and when he arrived here, he seen the smoke and made an attempt to put it out.” Neighbor Christina Nolt saw the smoke from her house next door, “And then I looked out the window and all of a sudden I saw like all this smoke and everything and I’m like, ‘Mom, that’s…


VIDEO HERE: Candidates promise cooperation

            SUNBURY – Honesty and cooperation were the themes at Thursday’s debate between candidates for Northumberland County Commissioner. Seven candidates took questions from members of the media, including WKOK’s Jennifer Wakeman as well as from the audience of more than 100 voters. Republican incumbent Rick Shoch says he was somewhat marginalized by the majority for the last four years and would change that in the future, “We are committed to the kind of process of governing that will ultimately lead to the best ideas and solutions for the issues we have because it will involve everyone who is a commissioner.” Libertarian candidate John Burd says he brings a global perspective…