Patient status sometimes a ‘tough call’


LEWISBURG — Have you been to the ER lately? Were you there for observation or were you admitted? — Turns out it makes a big difference.   Deb Runkle, Director of Care Management at Evangelical Community Hospital was a guest on WKOK Sunrise Thursday. She says copays and deductibles are very different for an outpatient and an inpatient, and sometimes it is tough to figure out which it is.   “A patient who is in the hospital for observation would be someone who came in and the physician evaluated them and decided that they needed further studies and testing to see what was going on — but they really did not meet the criteria to…

SANE nurses and others speak out about sexual assault

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LEWISBURG – A group of Evangelical Community Hospital nurses were honored Monday for their roles in working with victims of sexual assault.  It was 20 years ago when the hospital started the SANE program, which stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. Darlene Rowe is director of the emergency department at Evangelical and helped start SANE, “I started the program in 1994.  The Union County District Attorney at the time called me and said that I botched another case.  He was referring to a rape case that was thrown out of court because the evidence was not collected properly.  Our process definitely needed to change.” Now, nurses who specialize in working with victims of sexual abuse…

Doctor: Allergies thrive in The Valley


LEWISBURG – Springtime often means more sneezing and watery eyes for folks everywhere – but a local doctor says allergies thrive in the Central Susquehanna Valley.   Dr. Ayn Kerber is a family medicine physician with Evangelical Community Hospital.  She said, “I have heard the area called ‘Allergy Valley.’ I think that with our mix in terms of having a lot of trees around, and such fluctuations in the climate.   With having cold weather to warm weather, and the humid and wet brim that we can have, we are not only going to be getting the tree pollens that come out early, but then also followed by the grass pollens… We definitely live in an…

Doctor believes there will be AIDS vaccine


LEWISBURG — AIDS has been researched around the world for years and a doctor believes there will be a cure in our lifetime. Dr. Susan Blumenthal was this year’s presenter at the Charles P. Fasano Memorial Lecture at Bucknell University, hosted by Evangelical Community Hospital.   She said, “I think it is very doable in our lifetime. Ultimately, for a public health doctor, we are looking for a vaccine to prevent the disease in the first place. If you think about the landmark public health accomplishments over the last century, it was because of vaccines. Eradication of small pox and polio are examples.”   Dr. Blumenthal also says chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease…

Evan acquires OB/GYN Lewisburg


LEWISBURG — Evangelical Community Hospital has acquired OB/GYN Associates of Lewisburg.  The hospital’s board of directors made the announcement, saying the purchase of the practice brings together OB/GYN Associates’ successful history of providing comprehensive women’s healthcare and Evangelical’s vision of convenient, accessible and affordable health services for women  in the community.  The full ownership transition will be effective July 1. (Sara Bartlett) Follow

Is your child safety seat installed correctly?


LEWISBURG — If you are like most parents, your child safety seat is not properly installed.   That is why the folks at Evangelical Community Health and Wellness held a child safety seat check Friday at the Evangelical Community Education Center. Deanna Carson, instructor of the car seat certification course spoke about why car seat checks are important, “We see a lot of misuse, maybe they didn’t pick the appropriate seat for the child, maybe it’s not in the car correctly, maybe the harness straps are not being used in the correct manner, so anyone who transports children on a regular basis really should have their car seat checked.” If you did not make it out to…

Evan Gala raises $95,000


LEWISBURG — Evangelical Community Hospital has announced that their annual Gala on Saturday night raised more than $95,000, which will be used to support Evangelical’s Rehabilitation program. The program provides services including physical, occupational and speech therapy to help individuals recover from orthopedic surgeries, stroke, heart attack, cancer care and more.   Nearly 275 people attended this year’s Gala at Bucknell University, which featured a silent and live auction. New this year was the introduction of the auction bidding system called BidPal. Guests were encouraged to use smartphones to place bids on auction items. (Ali Stevens) Follow

Big turnout for “Talk with the Doc”


LEWISBURG – There was a large turnout Thursday evening for Evangelical Community Hospital’s “Talk with the Doc” panel discussion focusing on heart health. Dr. Petra Lynch was on the panel and explained that most associate smoking with lung cancer, but says smoking is a huge risk factor for heart disease.   Dr. Lynch said, “Smoking actually builds up your cholesterol plaque extremely fast in your blood vessels. It predisposes you for stroke, a heart attack and heart failure at the same time, on top of giving you lung problems.”   She also talked about how diet affects your heart. Dr. Lynch explained, “You need to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle, so do not go to any…

Expanded cardiology services at Evan


LEWISBURG – Evangelical Community Hospital is able to provide expanded cardiology services to the area after forming a partnership with Geisinger Medical Center to officer heart care at the Lewisburg facility. During the month of February Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation has teamed up with Evangelical Community Hospital to Rock Red for Healthy Hearts, drawing attention to heart disease. One of the services now available at Evan is heart catheterization. Dennis Neaman is director of catheterization services.   Neaman said, “They basically do all kinds of catheterizations from heart ‘caths’, to fixing heart arteries, leg arteries and kidney arteries. We basically get access through an artery in your wrist or groin and go up with catheters and…

Cardiac rehab making a difference for patients


LEWISBURG – As Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation and Evangelical Community Hospital continue to Rock Red for Healthy Hearts during the month of February, today we will focus on cardiac rehab and how it is making a difference in patients. Vicki Krebs is a registered nurse at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Evangelical Community Hospital and says rehab is an important part of heart health.   Krebs said, “Many of our patients had their heart attacks prevented because of early detection and prevention through procedures such as angioplasty and stenting. They are eligible to enter cardiac rehab and then in the rehab program, we are able to provide them with, not only the development of an exercise…