Doctor: Rock Red and recognize your risks


LEWISBURG — February is Rock Red for Healthy Hearts Month, but an Evangelical Community Hospital cardiologist says we should make heart healthy choices all year long.  Dr. Petra Lynch says it is important to recognize your risk factors.   Lynch says ask yourself, “Has anyone in your family, at a young age, had a heart attack?  Do you smoke?  Are you over weight?  Do you not exercise?  Do you have diabetes?  Do you have other vascular disease or blockages?  Do you have high cholesterol?  Do you have high blood pressure?  For women, do you have a history of pre-eclampsia or eclampsia?”   Dr. Lynch says it is important to make lifestyle changes, “The first thing…

February: Rock Red for Healthy Hearts


LEWISBURG — This month the radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation and Evangelical Community have teamed up to Rock Red for Healthy Hearts.  It is our chance to raise awareness about heart disease and how to keep your heart healthy. Registered Nurse Vicki Krebs is the coordinator of cardiac rehab at the hospital and talks about ways they help to prevent heart attacks and preserve important muscle around the heart, “In the cath lab, they perform right and left heart catheterization.  They take a small catheter and run it into the heart, shoot dye to look for blockages in the arteries of the heart, supplying the muscle with the blood supply.  They are able to…

Changes for this year’s Evangelical Gala


LEWISBURG – The annual Evangelical Community Hospital Gala is taking place in March, and there are some changes for this year’s fundraising event.  There is a new band from Philadelphia called “Paris” that will be performing at the event. Heather Snyder of Evangelical Community Hospital helps organize the Gala, “We have a theme this year.  It’s more of a vintage look and feel.  We are not really pigeonholing into one particular era, but if you had to, it’s probably more of the 20’s that we are looking at.” Last year, $95,000 was raised at the Gala and this year, the committee hopes to raise $100,000. Snyder explained how the proceeds from the event will help…

February is Rock Red for Healthy Hearts


LEWISBURG — During the month of February, Sunbury Broadcasting teams up with Evangelical Community Hospital to draw awareness to heart health.  Rock Red for Healthy Hearts is a series of events, interviews and more to focus on making lifestyle changes that help prevent and fight heart disease.  Sheila Packer, director of community health and wellness at Evangelical, says the key is knowing your numbers, including blood pressure and weight.   Packer said, “We do monthly blood screenings.  We do monthly blood pressure checks.  You can also get your blood sugar checked.  This month we are doing it during our clinic hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Just being aware along with exercise and nutrition and then…

Lewisburg’s Robert Donehower dies at 96


LEWISBURG — A well-known community member has died in Lewisburg. Robert Donehower died Tuesday at the age of 96. He was a generous philanthropist and a supporter of Evangelical Community Hospital, says Evan’s president and CEO Michael O’Keefe, “In 2005, we opened the Donehower Center, which involves cancer services. In 2011, we opened up the Donehower-Eisenhauer Pavilion, which is part of our surgical and cardiovascular expansion project.” O’Keefe says Donehower will be remembered as great businessman, volunteer, and man, “He was very generous in his needs, not only as philanthropic services, but also just his words of wisdom. He was involved in many things in the community.” Donehower joined his father and brother running W.L….

Evan President reflects on time at the hospital

OKeefe (1)

LEWISBURG — A new emergency department and the surgical and cardiovascular expansion project are just two of the accomplishments President and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital Michael O’Keefe is proud of, while serving as leader of the hospital. O’Keefe announced his retirement on Wednesday and reflected on his time at the hospital, “I’m very proud of the staff that we have here.  I think we have taken an extra effort to make sure that we have individuals here who are trained, qualified and care about what they do, at all levels and every position.” On making this decision, O’Keefe said, “I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  It has not been a recent development.  Looking…

Michael O’Keefe retiring from Evangelical Community Hospital


  LEWISBURG – The President and CEO of Evangelical Community Hospital is stepping down.  Michael O’Keefe has announced that he will retire at the end of the fiscal year, which is June 30, 2015.  O’Keefe has held the position since 2004, and before that was Executive Vice President/COO and Vice President of Operations. Roger Haddon Jr. is the Chair of the Board of Directors at Evan, “Mike O’Keefe has been part of a leadership team that has lead Evangelical Community Hospital through its most significant period of growth in the hospital’s 88 year history.  He has overseen significant expansion in the services we provide, all the while keeping the hospital focused on providing exceptional healthcare…

Evan Hospice hosting 27th Lights of Love


LEWISBURG- The 27th Annual Evangelical Hospice Lights of Love ceremony will be held this Sunday. Lights of Love is a fundraiser for Hospice throughout the month of December. President of Evangelical Auxiliary Sharon Pierce says the tree lighting ceremony is the biggest event of the fundraiser. Pierce says, “The lighting ceremony is actually the vocal point of the event. We have speakers to talk about some of their personal experiences with Hospice, and then we also go out and officially light the tree.” Evangelical Hospice provides care for people who are at the end of life. Director of Evangelical Hospice Kay Holdren says that Lights of Love is an opportunity to honor and remember loved…

Breast health center takes team approach


LEWISBURG — “Team,” “group” and “family” are words you hear often when asking staff of the Thyra M. Humphreys Center to describe their approach at treating breast cancer. Andrea Bertram is director of the breast health center at Evangelical Community Hospital. She says while they’ve made many advances in technology, they pride themselves on care beyond medicine.   “Every newly diagnosed case of breast cancer is presented weekly to a team of pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, oncologists, nursing staff, primary care.” Bertram said. “Basically anybody who is going to see or be with that patient looks at their pathology, looks at their imaging, hears from the surgeon, and has a chance to participate and share ideas.”…

Navigators play key role in breast cancer treatment


LEWISBURG – Women who are being treated for breast cancer meet many doctors and nurses along the way, but it is often the nurse navigator who they spend the most time with during their treatment.  Billie Jo Day is an oncology nurse navigator and breast health specialist at Evangelical Community Hospital, who says she guides and supports patients.   Day explained, “If there is any kind of barriers to care, whether it be transportation issues, financial issues, whatever things may creep up that would potentially cause a patient to miss appointments or not follow up with something, then I’m there to help them.  I can guide them along the way and seek alternative ways to…