Police shoot an armed man in Berwick

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BERWICK — Police in Berwick shot a man on Monday afternoon at the BIDA Complex. Police say 35-year-old James Calderone drove to the Berwick Industrial Development Association after a domestic dispute Monday afternoon, crashed his car, and opened fire.  Calderone was armed with a handgun and an assault rifle at the time of the incident. Berwick investigator Greg Martin suffered a shrapnel wound when a bullet hit a metal utility tower near police. Police said that Calderone works at the Berwick Offray warehouse. They’re investigating whether he was trying to commit “suicide by cop” since he was well armed and shot at police first, despite orders to drop his weapons. Calderone was airlifted to Geisinger…

Police chase involving drugs in Mount Carmel


  MOUNT CARMEL – An 18-year-old Elysburg man is in custody Saturday morning after he was involved in a police chase that started in Mount Carmel and ended in Elysburg. Mount Carmel Police say the driver was stopped for a traffic violation where they found drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.   When police tried to search the vehicle, first an officer tried to put one hand in the vehicle, but the driver rolled up the windows and locked the doors. The officer’s hand got caught in the window and the driver tried to pull away. The officer was able to get his hand out of the window as the vehicle pulled away.   The pursuit…

Two police cruisers damaged Sunday


SUNBURY – One person is in jail and two police cruisers were damaged after a domestic dispute Sunday in Sunbury.  Sunbury police chief Brad Hare says officer Vern Petty was on a disturbance call when another call came in about a woman being stalked.   The stalker, identified as 34-year-old David Yates of Sunbury, allegedly drove past the woman’s home while police were investigating. Officer Petty followed Yates, ordering him to pull over. A Northumberland police car got behind the suspect vehicle and was struck as Yates attempted to get away from police.   Officer Petty moved in front of Yates’ vehicle to keep him from escaping, but his cruiser was damaged when it was…

Milton Police investigating burglary, theft


  MILTON – A gun safe was stolen from a home in Milton and police are investigating.  Police tell us a large Browning gun safe was taken from a home on Reid Alley in Milton between July 29th and the 30th.  Numerous items were located inside the safe.   Milton police are asking for any public assistance from anyone who may have information regarding the theft.  They can be contacted at 57-742-8757.  (Ali Stevens) Follow

Officer dies after fall during robbery arrest

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SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) – A police officer is dead after suffering a head injury in a fall while trying to capture three teenage robbery suspects. Scranton police say 29-year-old Patrolman John Wilding died Sunday morning. Police chief Carl Graziano says Wilding and other officers were called to investigate an armed robbery at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday in West Scranton. Graziano says a witness reported seeing Wilding jump a fence during the chase and fall down a 15-foot drop. Three 17-year-old suspects are in custody. All face charges including robbery. Wilding’s sister, Patrice, a staff writer for The (Scranton) Times-Tribune, asked for privacy. She said Wilding was married with two children, ages 3 and 7. Follow

Mifflinburg police credit a citizen for an arrest


  MIFFLINBURG — Mifflinburg police credit a local citizen with foiling the getaway after a bank robbery this week. A local man, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed, was at the bank near Mifflinburg, when a man emerged from the bank carrying a shotgun.   The witness then called 9-1-1 and followed the getaway car a short time, when Mifflinburg police chief Doug Bickhart and officer Michele Foose intercepted the robber, boxed him in, and then took him into custody until state police arrived.  “Everything went well,” according to chief Bickhart.  He said when everyone works together you can have a good outcome.   Chief Bickhart also said a recent change in police procedures helped lead…

Sunbury cops recognized for extraordinary act


SUNBURY – Sunbury City Council has honored Corporals Travis Bremigen and Brad Slack for going beyond the call of duty. Sunbury police chief Brad Hare presented a “Letter of Commendation” for their act of assistance May 14 when they helped first responders with a woman in labor. Bremigen helped deliver the baby while Slack helped a frightened little girl in the home.   Hare was proud to recognize the officers, “It’s a way we like to address certain situations when it comes to certain incidents.  It’s a little thank you and congratulations on what they did.”  Hare continued, “It’s not every day that we deliver babies.  All my officers, they all do a fantastic job…

Former officer charged with traffic offenses


  KULPMONT – A former Mount Carmel Township police officer has been fined for an incident involving a fire cracker – and failing to obey police.  After a trial, 30-year-old Dave Stamets of Kulpmont was found guilty of multiple traffic offenses.   Northumberland County District Attorney Ann Targonski says Stamets was involved in a late night incident September 1 in which a firecracker was thrown from a vehicle.  According to police, Stamets reportedly failed to pull over for police, and they say he was driving an unregistered vehicle. They also say he failed to stop at a stop sign while traveling through Marion Heights.   Troopers say Stamets then drove his vehicle into a wooded…

VIDEO HERE: Witnesses help locate stabbing suspect


SUNBURY — Multiple police departments joined forces Sunday morning to apprehend a stabbing suspect. Tyrone Lee of Plymouth, Luzerne County allegedly stabbed two Sunbury men after an altercation outside the FuBar on North 3rd Street. Witnesses say Lee stabbed James Herb and Benjamin Herrold during a fight and threatened others with a knife before fleeing the scene. As police searched the area, another witness told officers he saw Lee running toward Woodlawn Avenue. Police apprehended Lee a few minutes later. Both victims required emergency surgery at Geisinger. Herrold stab wound entered his liver causing significant damage. James Herb was stabbed five times on his abdomen, chest and upper arm. At this hour, Herb is in…

Sunbury police investigate many burglaries


SUNBURY – Sunbury police are busy investigating several incidents in the city including burglaries.  Sunbury police were called to 358 ½ Market Street for a burglary April 15.  Police learned someone had entered the apartment through a window and items were stolen.   Police were called to 228 Market Street for an attempted burglary at a business on April 20.  Someone tried to enter the business by smashing the front window.  Sunbury police are investigating after a handgun was taken from a vehicle parked in a parking lot in the 1100 block of North Fourth Street.  The vehicle was parked around 2 p.m. Tuesday in the plaza parking lot.  The gun was stolen sometime between…