10-digit area code dialing begins today


UNDATED – It is now a matter of dialing three extra digits. Residents in the 570 area code will have to dial the area code and the phone number to make a call beginning today says Lannie Shaffer, of Simply Cellular. “Any customer with the existing 570 area code will need to simply dial 10 digits to make any and all phone calls. At that point, the news 272 area code will start showing up for customers who get a new number or are new to the region.”


The Public Utility Commission says the 272 area code will be introduced October 21, and customers who are assigned a 272-phone number will also have to dial the area code. Shaffer says it is just a matter of remembering the change. “It shouldn’t impact customers at all. It is just a matter of educating dialers. The mantra is, dial 10 digits.”


Those making a long distance call will have to dial one, plus the three-digit area code and the seven-digit phone number. There is a grace period where seven digit numbers may work for some dialers over a period of time, but eventually customers who dial only seven numbers will hear a recording asking them to hang up and dial 10 digits. (Sara Bartlett)





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