Arianna Huffington says, “Disconnect”

Irony: Web goddess encourages disconnection


“If we do not learn to disconnect we lose touch with ourselves,” perhaps a surprising remark from Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post, an interactive news platform. While Arianna Huffington did speak to audience members about the drawbacks of technology, she spoke about the benefits too. She spoke at the spring semester’s final installment of Bucknell University’s Tech/No series.


Huffington drew on the fact that we now consume news differently, quoting Rapper Will.I.Am, “We used to consume news sitting on a couch we now share it sitting on a horse.” Huffington drew on the fact that technology has allowed us to interact with our news, leaving comments and sharing it on social media platforms.


She notes that a shift has been occurring from merely connecting to engaging and attempting to find meaning. Arianna went on to add, “One of my greatest joys…is that we are a platform that gives access to millions of people.” Huffington’s sentiments about disconnecting stressed allowing people time to better understand themselves noting, “Good leadership requires disconnection.”


Huffington went on to note that she is passionate about sleep and wellness and that, “Technology can be used to make us less stressed and healthier.” Huffington Post recently launched a new app ‘GPS for the Soul’ designed to reduce stress and promote better living. (Jillian Lewis)




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