VIDEO HERE: A new engine and firefighters’ challenge

SELINSGROVE –The Dauntless Hook & Ladder Fire Company is getting a new engine as part of a consolidation process.  President of the company Don Weirick says the more than $662,000 engine will need less maintenance and upkeep.  In addition Weirick says it will help with staffing issues.

“Manpower is becoming less and less in the volunteer service so by consolidating what we have and getting a new engine that does more, we can staff this one piece better than we can staff two.”

The company has two engines with different capabilities, so they are getting one that has all of the capabilities.  Weirick says the new engine holds 750 gallons of water and can help with vehicle rescues.

Weirick says they have signed an intent letter to buy recently with Pierce Manufacturing.  He says the new equipment will help the department be more efficient and will not alter the quality of service they are able to provide to their citizens.

Weirick, who also is the assistant director of public safety at Susquehanna University was working with volunteer and student firefighters Friday during a fire challenge.  The volunteers simulated certain emergency situations and were timed on how fast they could perform them.

During this, Weirick noted the push to recruit first year students as volunteer firefighters. He added that while some students may be involved at their local fire departments, he hopes to translate that into participation in locally while they are attending college. (Jillian Lewis)

WKOK caught up with Weirick running a firefighters’ challenge at Susquehanna University.  Here’s raw video of one of the competition’s participants:



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