Land and water restoration in your backyard

Harry Campbell UNDATED – You can do your part right here in The Valley to help the Chesapeake Bay. Harry Campbell is the Pennsylvania Executive Director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and says each individual landowner has the ability and the responsibility to protect and restore the condition of streams in their backyard.

“If you don’t have trees, plant them,” says Campbell. “Pennsylvania has a guidance manual on how to do it right. Take little parts of your land and convert it back to a native landscape before human influence on the land. Also, get your soil tested and recognize that in many instances, you do not need to use fertilizer.”

Campbell says in Pennsylvania, they work on education for people on how to help restore the waterways. Campbell says there are over 86,000 miles of streams in Pennsylvania and 90% of the ones that feed into the Susquehanna or Potomac Rivers and go into the Chesapeake Bay sit on privately owned land. (Sara Bartlett)



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