VIDEO HERE: Monkees daughters in Beavertown

BEAVER SPRINGS– The Middlecreek Area Community Center held a fundraiser at the Beaver Springs Dragway. This fundraiser was known as the Beavertown Bed Race. The bed races took place on Saturday afternoon with six different teams competing.

Owner of the Beaver Springs Dragway, “Beaver” Bob McCordle talked about how he got involved with MACC. He said, ” The MACC center got a hold of me, they asked if I would be interested in hosting a race they said they would like to have a bed race, and I said absolutely, you name it all do it, whatever it takes we’ll help you out.”

Participating in the race were the daughters of the lead singer of the Monkees, Davy Jones. Jessica Jones, Annabel Jones, Talia Jones, and Sarah McFadden raced for their team, Davy’s Dangerous Daughters.

Jessica Jones spoke about why her and her three sisters made the trip to Beaver Springs for the bed race saying, ” My sister and I, Annabel and I flew all the way from England, and my other two sisters, Talia and Sarah flew all the way from California. We came out here  because the local community has been so supportive to dad and to us. We wanted to honor their friendship and they are so neighborly and we wanted to extend that curacy to them. It’s been a great day”

Davy’s Dangerous Daughters competed against five other teams but unfortunately fell to the team Charlie’s Angel’s of Beavertown. Earlier in the day in Beavertown, a life size statue of Davy Jones was unveiled. You can get more information on the bed races, which organizers are hopeful will be an annual event, at (Sarah Lagerman)

Davys daughters



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