Understanding conflict between Israel and Gaza Strip


UNDATED – While there is a cease fire in effect in Israel and the Gaza Strip, it is not always clear what is causes such unrest in that region. SusquehannaUniversityassistant professor of political science Baris Kesgin specializes in the region and says that while we’ve seen these battles crop up repeatedly, something is different this time.


Kesgin said, “We have a new leader inEgyptand we have a civil war inSyriaand what is surrounding this, historicPalestinehas changed.”  Kesgin says that watching who is in charge affects the situation. He said, “Leaders do make a difference…Who is in power.  However, it obviously makes a difference who they are allied with in government.  With whom are they making coalitions?


At this time, Benjamin Netanyahu is in a coalition and has some extremist parties in his coalition.  In the meantime, there is an upcoming election and some believe Netanyahu is playing into the elections.”  Despite the military and political wrangling taking place, Kesgin expressed sadness for the civilians on both sides that are caught in the crossfire.



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