Water rescues prompt more safety talks


LEWISBURG — With several water rescue and recovery calls recently in our area, safety in the water is of utmost importance. The Lewisburg Community Pool is working with local emergency officials to make sure they are on the same page.


Tim Lagerman is the pool manager in Lewisburg and say they brought members of the William Cameron Engine Company together with the pool’s lifeguards for an information session. “What the fire company hopes to accomplish is seeing how our guards go into the water. If they have to go into a pool or pond, it will help them to see what they need to do and what kind of floatation devices are needed. It will make them more prepared for a situation not at the pool and it will make our guards more prepared for having to call the fire company.”


Members of the William Cameron Fire Company watched as lifeguards at the Lewisburg Pool simulated a water rescue of a drowning person. Career Assistant Fire Chief Rick Scheesley says, “For us, as the fire department doing a rescue, we wanted to see what lifeguards do and show them what they do and see how we can work together toward safety.”


Over the last few weeks, emergency crews in The Valley have been called to a drowning in Mount Carmel Township, two drownings in Clinton County, near drownings at two area pools and a water rescue at the Fabridam. (Sara Bartlett)





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